SCC campus is located at a convenient location away from hustle and bustle of the city and away from the pollution of the city. With lush green lawns and serene ambience, it provides an appropriate environment for academic work and provides the following amenities for all round growth of budding engineers. Roughly square in plan, the campus is situated within a surrounding hills environment of greenery non-pollution and of institutional uses.

The institutes situated in the midst of greenery, with well-designed modern architecture. The rockeries around the building at the center, a well furnished reception and spacious classrooms all inspire admiration among visitors and institute members alike.

The campus has been designed to complement the international technological curriculum and as the optimum environment for 21st Century education, where every aspect of teaching and learning is supported by modern and relevant technology. There are abundant shaded outside areas for conversation and tranquil reflection.

Picturesque landscape and a vast area to form its campus surround the institute. The entire campus gets covered with green lush green during rains; with trees all around, the campus presents a unique atmosphere and ideal educational environment for students and teachers for all round development.

i) Administration block

Administration block is one of the main platforms where all the administrative activities take place. We have taken all the possible care while designing our world Administration block so that our students get easy access and help from our staff and facilitate participative learning and other admin works.

ii) Workshop Block

The workshop block is the soul of the institute. SCC has a world class workshop of 6000 sq ft. We have taken care of all the proper equipments, tools and other necessary requirements while doing practicals. The students can facilitate a direct learning and practical experiences.

iii) Library:

The Library is in pursuance of its objective of providing efficient and effective academic support to working and non working professionals. It provides the usual services such as lending of reference books, journals, Magazines, Newspapers, project reports, etc. SCC students have made the access to these resources user-friendly.

The normal working hours of library:

Monday-Saturday: 10.00 a.m- 4.00 p.m.

Sundays and Institute holidays: CLOSED

 iv) Computer Lab

The Computer Labs are artistically and ergonomically designed, where students get an opportunity to develop their skills according to the global needs and international standards. SCC has high-end computing and network resources for the academic and research programs. The students and staff have access software tools and systems to execute real-life projects.
The labs are set to create specialist environment required for students of Engineering. Computer Centre supports High End Servers connected through latest switches. Internet and Intranet network facilities supported by high quality software based on curriculum and global requirements, along with latest operating systems, allowing the students not only to develop their skills but also access the internet for convenient internal as well as external communication with the cyber world, the college provides free access to Internet to its students the local Intranet provides an interactive platform for sharing resources and building communities. Other peripherals such as Laser and Dot Matrix printers, Scanners etc. also support the needs of the users.

v) Classrooms

Classrooms are one of the main platforms where effective learning takes place. We have taken all the possible care while designing our world class classrooms so that our students get effective learning from our teachers and facilitate participative learning.
Our classrooms are well ventilated spacious, equipped with overhead and LCD projectors along with public address system with proper arrangements of Laptop power supply.
The furniture used in classrooms is of un-compromised international quality to enable students for 8 hours of comfortable and continues learning.

vi) Conference Room

The institute has two spacious, air-conditioned and well equipped Conference Halls. The conference Halls are furnished with necessary audio visual aids such as LCD projectors, Overhead Projectors, Television set, Digital white boards, etc. enabling multimedia presentations. The conference hall hosts a number of placement interviews, where in students from various colleges assemble to attend seminars and group discussions.
Guest lectures, project presentations, science exhibitions, paper presentations, etc. are held in the conference hall.

vii) A.V. Hall for events

The Audio Visual Services support and facilitate the use of instructional and presentation technologies at SCC.  Our goal is to help instructors improve the teaching and learning environment in their classrooms by providing and fostering the use of instructional technology equipment and materials.

viii) Health and Sanitary Conditions & Facilities Details:

SCC campus adequately looks after the health and hygiene of students and staff. Class rooms, Community areas, Library, Laboratories and the workshop places are impeccably maintained. Area cleaning done regularly. Waste and water disposal is handled properly.  The sanitation standards are highly maintained by providing ample and clean toilet/washroom facilities separately for Male and Female users in the campus.

ix) Fire Safety System

All Fire fighting equipment and accessories have been installed in the building as per advice of Fire and safety department. Moreover, Inorganic waste disposal done in proper way to ensure that no untoward incident occurs. Emergency contact numbers displayed and one vehicle kept stand-by to deal with any unforeseen fire outbreak.

x) Transport Facility

SCC campus is barely 2 Km from nearby village/taluka and very prominently located astride main Pune- Paud road. The Staff, students and visitors conveniently avail the frequent Public transport facilities.  Institute also has a four wheeler for conveyance of staff & visiting guests.