About Us


The Symbiosis Community College (SCC) has been established in 2009.

To develop an educational institution of the community, for the community and by the community for creating responsible local citizens and empowering the community.

To empower individuals with alternative system of education.

To educate and train the local population in skill development leading to gainful employment and there by facilitate economic development of the region, through education and employment.

Our Focus Areas

  • Livelihood promotion, Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Development.
  • Capacity Building and Rural Artisans.
  • Leadership and Capacity Building
  • Women Empowerment

Salient Features

  • Opportunity mapping through environment scanning.
  • Training need assessments carried out before launch of any program.
  • Training need assessments carried out before launch of any program.
  • Tailor made programs to suit local needs.
  • All programs are skilled based, modular and credit based.
  • Textbooks in Marathi and English corresponding to standard curricula and evaluation methodology.
  • Job and industry orientation with local collaborations for on job training and placements.
  • Experienced and committed trainers with relevant industry experience.
  • Inputs for right attitude, skill and knowledge, imparting Life Coping Skills training is a unique feature of all training programs. “Fit for Life”-“Fit for Job.”
  • Post training escorts services offer through regular follow up.
  • Coordination and liaising with prospective employers and support system of government promoted for self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • Support for marketing and promoting products manufactured and service rendered by trainees.
  • Personalized coaching and student counseling.